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I’ve painted many murals, in private homes, in shops, cafes and community spaces. During the design process I work closely with clients to incorporate personal touches, and I’ve created murals of all shape and size from large schemes to smaller panels, trompe l’oeils and signwriting. Spaces include kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, children’s rooms and ‘in-between’ spaces such as halls and stairways, as well as outdoor spaces and gardens.

Click on any slideshow image to VIEW FULL SCREEN.

'Birch Grove' mural

Includes woodland birds, a pair of cats, a coat of arms, and fantastical creatures, glimpsed amongst the birch trees. Bathroom, South London.

'Wild West' mural

Shows a woodgrained blacksmith's and livery store with signwriting and trompe l'oeil window, in front of a desert landscape with mountains, cacti and a covered wagon. Also features a drinking trough, animals, ropes, tools and ‘wanted' posters. Garden of a Social Club, South London.

'Spanish Landscape' panel

Portable panel designed, constructed and painted as a background to a 3D diorama for displaying historical toy soldiers. For Victrix Ltd.

'Old Door' mural 
Includes trompe l’oeil wood panelling, hinges, mildew and insect details. Painted onto a flat plywood panel. Passageway in a private house, South London.

'Classical Garden' mural

Painted with a soft colourwash finish, with pillars, receding perspective, and trompe l’oeil vase and plant details. Bathroom, North London.

'Farmyard' mural
Includes farm animals, buildings, vehicles and personalised details. The hillsides extend around all the walls, and the sky extends across the ceiling. Child’s bedroom, West Midlands.

'Animals in the Savannah' mural

Shows animal and plant themes, and includes small playful details for children to notice. Painted using a limited palette of warm pastel colours. Children’s clothes shop, Warwickshire.

'Autumnal Garden' mural 
Includes a stone urn, white peacocks, garden birds, frogs, oriental vase and trompe l’oeil detailing. Basement bathroom with vaulted ceiling, North London.

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