My drawings and illustrations combine hand-drawn lines with flat bold colours, with a bit of humour creeping in around the edges. I love to draw people, as portraits, or as glimpsed ‘reportage’ moments.

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Books Beyond Words 

I have illustrated several stories for Books Beyond Words, publisher of picture-led books for adults who have learning disabilities. The books are accessible for people who don’t read words, and are designed to help with life’s concerns, such as health, emotional and social issues. My role combines illustration with co-authoring, with pictures being the primary tools to tell the story.

Books Beyond Words - 

'Having a Test for Coronavirus' & 'Having a Home Test for Coronavirus'

Online resources produced in Summer 2020, to help people understand some of the processes involved in getting a Covid test, both at a testing centre, and as a home test. Featuring Kali, the same character in 'Beating the Virus' and 'Belonging'.

Selected images from the story are available as a pictorial information sheet illustrating the drive-through testing process.

Published as free downloads by Books Beyond Words 2020.

Books Beyond Words - 

'Beating The Virus'

This story was produced in Spring 2020 as a response to the Covid-19 crisis, to help people with learning disabilities navigate the health situation, and keep themselves and others safe. Developed with partners including Public Health England, the story revisits Kali and Stefan, who we first met in 'Belonging'. Kali lives on her own and is unwell, and the story shows her getting the advice and support she needs. 26 illustrated pages, published as a free download by Books Beyond Words 2020.

Books Beyond Words -

'Choosing My First Job'

'Choosing My First Job' looks at the challenges for young people when they are leaving education and going into the workplace. Zac, Chelsea and Amy need support to help them explore their options and find a job that really suits them. 40 illustrated pages; published by Books Beyond Words 2018.  

Books Beyond Words -


In 'Belonging', two isolated people, Kali and Stefan, face a trauma together and then find that they can help each other and start to form a community. The story was developed using drama with performers from Access All Areas theatre company. Published alongside the Access All Areas 'Madhouse' project exploring the history of institutionalisation. 30 illustrated pages; published by Books Beyond Words 2018.  

Books Beyond Words -

'Going to Church'

'Going to Church' explores the story of Alan, a young man who is seeking a faith-based and spiritual dimension in his life, but finds it daunting to join a church without support. 38 illustrated pages; published by Books Beyond Words 2017.  

Books Beyond Words - 

'A Day at the Beach'

'A Day at the Beach' was part of the Picture This initiative between Books Beyond Words and Kent Libraries. The project worked collaboratively with Beyond Words book club members to create and develop new stories. This is a light-hearted story in which a group of friends enjoy a day at the seaside, but are pestered by a troublesome gull. 15 illustrated pages; published by Books Beyond Words 2016.

Books Beyond Words -

'Going Into Hospital'

I provided two illustrations for the updated re-publication of Books Beyond Words' 'Going Into Hospital' title, showing a Hospital Passport, and a patient using his Passport to help him communicate with a nurse. Published by Books Beyond Words 2015.

Greetings Cards

A range of my illustrations and portfolio work are available as Greetings Cards - they can be purchased online from my website's Shop page.


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Illustration and Design Commissions

Assorted commissions for drawings, paintings, illustration and graphic design projects.

Portfolio - People

Portraiture and reportage moments, mostly captured from life. 

Portfolio - Flowers and Plants

Portfolio - Boats and Water

Portfolio - Interiors and Exteriors

Portfolio - Birds

'It's All About Choice' comic

Story and art by Lucy Bergonzi 


First published on website 'All Is Not Well – Comics About Care', a space for comic strips exploring experiences of care, from the perspective of the caregiver and of the person who receives care. Project run in partnership with Cardiff University.

'All Is Not Well - Care Giving In Sequential Art' exhibition


'It's All About Choice', along with other comics from the 'All Is Not Well' project, in exhibition 'Care Giving In Sequential Art' at the Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Cardiff, 2018.

'The Inking Woman'

By Nicola Streeten and Cath Tate 

An extract of my comic 'It's All About Choice' is featured in 'The Inking Woman', a history of female British cartoonists, published by Myriad Editions in 2018.

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